WIK Blog Tour 2013

September 5, 2013

WIK Blog Tour 2013

Aug. 28   Author Matt de la Peña at Stephanie Moody’s Moodyviews

                 Editor Lou Anders at F.T. Bradley’s YA Sleuth

Aug. 29   Author Doraine Bennett at Jodi Wheeler-Toppen’s Once Upon a Science Book

                 Author Robyn Hood Black at Donny Seagraves’ blog

Aug. 30  MFA program director Amanda Cockrell at Elizabeth Dulemba’s blog

                Illustrator Prescott Hill at Gregory Christie’s G.A.S.

Aug. 31   Author Heather Montgomery at Claire Datnow’s Media Mint Publishing blog

                Editor Michelle Poploff at Laura Golden’s Just Write

Sept. 3    Author Nancy Raines Day at Laurel Snyder’s blog

                Author Jennifer Echols at Paula Puckett’s Random Thoughts from the Creative Path

Sept. 4    Editor Dianne Hamilton at Ramey Channell’s The Painted Possum

                Author Janice Hardy at Tracey M. Cox’s A Writer’s Blog

Sept. 5   Author / illustrator Sarah Frances Hardy at Stephanie Moody’s Moodyviews

                Agent Sally Apokedak at Cheryl Sloan Wray’s Writing with Cheryl

Sept. 6   Agent Jennifer Rofe at Cathy Hall’s blog

                Author / illustrator Chris Rumble at Cyrus Webb Presents

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