Matt de la Pena Intensive

Matt doubled down on his promise to give us a powerful, intensive, one-day workshop prior to last weekend’s Writing and Illustrating for Kids (WIK). He combined it with an entertaining keynote address, and a useful workshop on dialogue, especially when it happens “outside” the quotation marks.

I guess that would be “triple” in sports vernacular.

Regardless, he managed to be humble, entertaining and informative -- a hat trick for sure in the writing world and the hockey field.

For those who did not catch it, the following is a repeat of my interview with him prior to WIK.

It will be followed by a few anecdotes from his presentations in my next Kid Lit Bits blog.

BTW, Matt is very generous with his knowledge. I especially liked his “confession,” regarding his success -- except, in his case, the confession isn’t true.

Wonder what he confessed? See the next Kid Lit Bit.

And now Kit Lit Bit repeats my case you missed it and wished you hadn’t.       © Stephanie Moody 2011